Privacy Policy

Chqbank follows a privacy policy and you are requested to kindly read the Privacy Policy. Chqbank adhere to your privacy and thereby sharing information gathering and usage details.

Chqbank we try to maintain things simple and thereby our privacy policy is also easy to understand -

  • We are a platform which helps you connect with professional agents
  • On successful completion of application; your details will be shared with agents
  • Agents will call you only for the product you need and for which you have filled form on chqbank
  • While filling form you agree and give us consent that you authorise us and agents to call you and connect with you personally or through digital mediums
  • This consent overseed and allow us to connect with you, even if you are registered with DNC / Do not call registry
  • We do not provide any product on our own like loans / demat account / fixed deposits / cards / or other financial product
  • We will upfront inform you post your application, which agents are shortlisted and going to call you for your need and application
  • Once you applied, doesn’t guarantee that you will receive the service; there are various factors for our system to help you connect with agents. For Eg. One factor is your location / city should be serviceable by anyone of agents to connect with you. Similarly there are other factors too
  • Once agent connects with you, whether they will provide final product to you or not will depend on your profile and their product underwriting criteria
  • Chqbank cannot influence agent decision to accept or reject an application
  • To help investigate violations of’s terms of use or to defend against legal claims;
  • To disclose the information under special circumstances such as compliance with applicable local law, court summons, court orders, requests/order from legal authorities or law enforcement agencies requiring such disclosure.

Information Sharing and Disclosure

To process your application, we have to –

  • Share your details with agent
  • Max 1 agent can call you, this is done to get you best offers
  • Most of time agents are capped to 2
  • Agents can call you from landline / mobile or connect with you through other communication medium whatsapp / SMS / Email / Notifications / othersdigital mediums
  • We will be integrating our services to show you multiple offers from various banks and NBFCS and Financial institutions
  • You can select the agents of your choice and proceed to complete online journey and application
  • We will be integration our systems with agents to provide you best in class, instant sale process and closure
  • The journey will be API based or white-label solution, which will seek additional information from your end to complete your application


We will try never to get in such situation, survive and succeed in what we do. Notwithstanding the foregoing, if we have to handover Chqbank in form of sell or merge with other entity; then the ownership of your data will belong to the entity.

Sell or Merge can happen for complete entity or part of business of Chqbank. This can alse be considered at time of reorganisation structure and/or consolidation of Chqbank business with other person or company or companies.

The authority /access /control on usage of your information will be under the control of aiuthorised person as appointed by new successor.

Expectation from you

  • The information you shared with us accurate and true in nature, you have doubled checked the same before applying
  • The information on Chqbank is a collation of several products. You will not deemed it to be a financial advise or recommendation for purchase
  • Before making final application with agents, you have done your homework and have decided by self or by professional assistance, and not because product was hosted on Chqbank
  • By submitting application, you gave permission to us and agents for collection of your data and processing of same for connecting with you through phone call or SMS or Whatspp or Email or other mode of communication.
  • You have opted to seek product details, offers, promotion campaigns, imparting product knowledge, the product & offering will be from us or by agents or any 3rd party authorised.
  • You can terminate your account at any time, your information may remain stored in archive on our servers even after the deletion or the termination of your account.


  • You have applied on our website without any compulsion and by free will of yours
  • You are aware once you apply on our website, you are authorising us & agents to connect with you
  • We are allowed by you to send you product & services details, promotional offers by us or by agents and affiliates
  • You have given us consent to contact you, even if you have registered yourself under DND or DNC or NCPR services till 180 days of your registration with us
  • We will continue to serve you with offers and promotional content post the above mentioned durations, you can manually or voluntarily opt-out if you don’t wish to receive communication from us
  • To get the consent and approval from you, we take a consent from you in form of SMS notifications, Email notifications, mail confirmation or through call assisted services; only then your details is shared with third party.
  • Your reply or positive confirmation to our communication is consider as approval from your end
  • We might create your login credentials and send you communication for the same. We will also send systematic sms/email
  • You also authorise us and agents and affiliates to run a Cibil / Stayam checks for your profile. They will run certain check basis the inputs shared by you, to qualify your application and process approvals or rejects.
  • Our system gathers few anonymous details in standard usage logs through web server, systems will get detail like computer identifications captured through Cookies sent to your system
  • System connects to your browser through a webserver cookies, which are basically saved on your storage and/or captured through pixel tags/ clear gifs. It assists capture certain details whenever you visit our website or app
  • System interactions helps us capture ip-address of your system, type of system you use, domain server details used to access our website, web browser used

Details you sharing with us

  • Name, Age, Gender, Email Address, Contact Numbers, Pincode/City, Financial information like Monthly Income, ITR details, Net profit, PAN Details and other financial related information.

All the above information is shared with agents to get you the best offer and process your application. Chqbank is not a Bank/NBFCs/Financial institution. We do not examine whether agents/DSA has a good or quality product or services. It is your comfort or decision whether you wish to proceed with agents. Kindly evaluate all aspects prior to handing over your documents in duplicate copy or original with agents. All products details, business arrangement, terms of agreement, needs to be cautioned and evaluated by you and entered at own risk. Chqbank will not misuse the information collected, but the privacy policy covers the usage and treatment of information in manner as it deemed fit.

Agents have an individual entity and is not an employee / contractor / represent Chqbank in any capacity. Do evaluate offer and details shared with you, before proceeding with application. Chqbank is not responsible for any loss in terms of documents / money / time / efforts / indemnity that is suffered because of agents registered on our platform

Chqbank will integrate its system with Banks / NBFCs / Financial services provider to provide you digital service and closures in future. In process we might enter a API based or white label integration with Banks / NBFCs / Financial services provider. In online journey, you might have to share additional information like Bank details and logins, EKYC for immediate sanctioning and processing of application. Sharing your credentials and OTP is completely your discretion, this is done on the Banks / NBFCs / Financial services provider systems and access to the same is restricted to Banks / NBFCs / Financial services provider. Chqbank is not authroised to do any checks on your behalf, this all verification happens based on your consent to authorise Banks / NBFCs / Financial services provider to run this verifications on your behalf. The result of checks of this verifications are stored at Banks / NBFCs / Financial services provider end and are not accessible to Chqbank. Even if made accessible to us, we will not be processing this information any further accept to inform you whether your application is success or failed during the journey.

We do not ask for any cash or payment from our users. Any person or company representing us is not authorised to take money in any form from our user. If you provide any cash, documents, belongings to any agent / Banks / NBFCs / Financial services provider, it will be under your responsibility. Any losses / damages during your contract with agents / Banks / NBFCs / Financial services provider will be discussed between you and service provider; Chqbank will have no obligation or liability whatsoever because of usage of product or service.

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Chqbank will not misguide or intentionally share wrong information with our user. Any error in process if identified or reported to us, will be corrected with immediate effect. Chqbank will not be liable for the loss or damages if any; if the user make decision based on the information without self-validations. Chqbank policy doesn’t not apply to services which are not owned or controlled by us.

Any Advertisement on Chqbank directly or through network partner or through digital services or 3rd party advertising companies like affiliates, network, publishers, adsense or any other medium would be advertised to you during your journey with us. In process if you wish to avail the service, we advise you to evaluate details as we do not investigate or confirm the accuracy or legal standing of the service provider.

Once you click on third party advertiser, their respective rules and privacy policy will be applicable to you. They may collect information through your systems; any details filled on our site are not shared with them. Only the usage preference like product and demographic may be used to share advertisement which are relevant for you. Information like name, number, email id and other personal details are not shared with them. Any loss or damages because of the ad selected / clicked by you will not be responsibility of Chqbank.

Any information you share on the advertisers websites belongs to them and we do not have any control over it. They will use details as per their terms of use.

Exclusions of liability

Any credentials / logins / EKYC done on Chqbank’s partner website or during API or white-label journey; if failed / leaked / misused by any third party by gaining this information illegally or through unlawful tactics. Chqbank will not be liable for the same.

Any leakages or misuse from partner end, will be partners responsibility and covered under the guidelines and regulations as agreed between you and partner.

Any loss or damages you suffer while using the product or service of our partners; Chqbank will not be liable for the same.

The consent to reach out to you is been shared with us willingly, if you reach out to TRAI or any other authority in such case kindly consider that you have authorised us to connect with you. We will stop connecting with you once you follow unregister process through us or inform us about the same through mail or contact us form.

The agreement between you and partner is vetted and verified by you. All the product offering as mentioned by partner should be verified with partner before applying for product and not based on details available on Chqbank website or communication. The product offering might change or based on partner discretion. We will not be responsible for wrong understanding of product, mis-selling or under delivery of services by our partner

Changes in Privacy Policy

Chqbank keeps modifying its policy from time to time. Any changes in our policy will be updated on our website and uploaded on this privacy policy page. If in case your wish to suggest any corrections or de-register from our service or help us improve or find any inaccuracies or any suggestions for us, then kindly reach out to us at